All Tottoos products are custom made using high quality, non-toxic materials, so Tottoos are safe, durable, and easy to use. 

You choose the information that will be printed on your Tottoos and we personalize them to your specifications. 

Tottoos are durable and water resistent, so you can use them at the beach or water park too! (remember to apply the Tottoos to the skin prior to the sunscreen!)

Tottoos will last 12 hours or more, if applied properly to clean, dry skin.  We recommend, particularly with very young children, that you remove the decal when you're done with it so the skin can "breathe" instead of leaving it on for several days.  

Tottoos are like medical grade adhesive decals as opposed to ink applied directly to the skin.  The shelf life can last up to 1 year.  We recommend keeping them in a cool, dry area and lying flat so they don't bend or degrade.

Our temporary tattoo decals are unique and offer unlimited possibilities for protecting your children!


Medical/Special Needs

Product Information

Our Medical Tottoos can be used to quickly identify a wide array of medical conditions, including Alzheimers, seizure disorders, diabetes, and severe allergies in any situation where important medical information is helpful to be displayed.  

Medical Tottoos reveal potentially life-saving information to paramedics and bystanders who may need this information to come to your aid.  Medical and Special Needs Tottoos will save precious time by saying exactly what you need to say when you are unable to speak for yourself.

You can even include an emergency phone number for your doctor or a loved one so they can provide immediate assistance.  

Medical Tottoos are printed with the widely recognized medic alert symbol and can be customized with up to 3 lines of text (25 characters per line, including spaces) 

One more layer of protection for keeping your whole group safe.  Ideal for use on field trips, camps, overnight events, and whenever an activity takes your group away from your school or facility. 

*We recommend that the chaperones who accompany the children also wear Tottoos so it is apparent which adults belong, and do not belong, with the group.

Because every second counts when your child is lost

No matter how careful we are, children can wander off, fall behind, or otherwise find themselves alone and afraid. The worry and anguish we feel when we lose track of our child for even a moment is immeasurable. 

Tottoos.Org creates customized child safety products that are designed to increase the chance for a lost child to be found, and decrease the time you and your child may be separated.  Our safety products are fun to wear and will empower your children in a whole new way.  

Tottoos Temporary Tattoos are perfect for vacations, amusement parks, family outings, school field trips, shopping, and any other situation where a child may accidentally stray from you.

Tottoos.Org strongly believes our products are powerful and practical tools for helping get children quickly to safety in potentially dangerous situations.

You choose the information that will be printed on your Tottoos products. (Please see the ordering page for more information.)