Tottoo Application:

1. Choose a site that is relatively free of body hair, such as a forearm or wrist. (When placing on a hand or other frequently moving body part, wrinkling or peeling of the decal is more likely.)

2.  Peel and remove the plastic protective layer of the Tottoo

3.  Apply the Tottoo, image-side down, to the skin and press firmly for about 20 seconds.

4.  Wet the paper release liner with a moist (not overly saturated) sponge or paper towel and press for up to 60 seconds. (When the paper is thoroughly wet you will begin to see your Tottoo image through the water slide decal paper)

5.  Carefully slide the paper release liner off to reveal the Tottoo.

Tottoo Removal:

At the end of each use, the Tottoo can be removed by applying a cotton ball with baby oil or gentle nail polish remover, in a circular motion over the Tottoo to loosen the adhesive.

Warm Soapy water can also help loosen the adhesive.  With your fingernail, gently remove the adhesive as it loosens and peel the Tottoo off.  Please do not pull adhesive off the skin without loosening it first.  
After the Tottoo is removed, wash the area with soap and water to prevent irritation or dryness. As with any adhesive bandage removal, it is normal for temporary redness to occur on the site after the Tottoo is removed.

Tottoos "How to's"

Our Tottoos are like temporary decals.  With products of this nature, there is a possibility of peeling, wrinkling, or slipping off prematurely. Slight peeling at the edges of the decals is also common. 

For best results and to minimize these occurrences, we recommend following the steps below.


The drying process is what adheres the decal to the skin.  You must allow your Tottoo to fully dry after application before touching it.  If the edges stick up before the decal is dry, simply press them in place with your fingertip, then allow the decal to dry thoroughly and undisturbed.  

Tottoos are designed for temporary use.  Leaving Tottoos on for longer than the recommended time may result in skin irritation and make them more difficult to remove.

Tottoos are recommended for 12-18 hours.  If you are using Tottoos for an extended purpose such as a vacation of multiple days, we recommended that you change your Tottoos on a daily basis to avoid skin irritation.

Tottoos should be applied and removed by an adult or with adult supervision.

Sunscreens and certain lotions may have an adverse effect on Tottoos.  We recommend applying sunscreen only after the Tottoos are securely in place. Be sure that the person applying the Tottoos also has clean, dry hands when handling them.