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Product Information:

All Tottoos products are custom made using high quality, non-toxic materials, so Tottoos are safe, durable, and easy to use.

You choose the information that will be printed on your Tottoos and we personalize them to your specifications.

Tottoos are durable and water resistent, so you can use them at the beach or water park too! (remember to apply the Tottoos to the skin prior to the sunscreen!)

Tottoos will last 12 hours or more (even up to a couple of days), if applied properly to clean, dry skin.  We recommend, particularly with very young children, that you remove the decal when you're done with it so the skin can "breathe" instead of leaving it on for several days. 

Tottoos are made with medical-grade adhesive as opposed to ink applied directly to the skin.  The shelf life can last up to 2 years.  We recommend keeping them in a cool, dry area and lying flat so they don't bend or degrade.

Our temporary tattoo decals and glow products are unique and offer unlimited possibilites for protecting your children!

Basic Safety Tottoos:
Use these whenever you are away from home or in a crowded place to help keep your loved ones safe.  

Personalized with any phrase you choose!

One example of a Basic Safety Tottoo:




Basic Safety Kit
 (set of 15)

Comes with everything you need to
protect your child wherever you go

Basic Plus Safety Kit (set of 30)
Great if you travel frequently,
have more than one child, or would
like to give Tottoos as a gift!

Combination Kits Also Available!

Tottoos for Schools and Childcare Centers:
One more layer of protection for keeping your whole group safe.  Ideal for use on field trips, for sports clinics, camps, field days, overnight events, and whenever an activity takes your group away from your school or facility. 


It is recommended that the chaperones who accompany the children also wear Tottoos so it is apparent which adults belong with the group (and which do not).


Sample printing for Schools/Groups:      



Small Class/Group Kit (set of 60)

Perfect for use on field trips

Larger Class/Group Kit (set of 90)
For larger classes or more frequent trips

Other suggested uses of Tottoos:

Groups, Camps and Organizations
Use Tottoos to easily identify members of groups with short-term or changing membership, such as sports clinics and camps.

Competitive Musicians and Athletes
Tottoos can be used for cheerleaders, band, color guard, and athletes who compete on a statewide or national level away from their home school. 

We can customize your Tottoos with the name of your group and a cell phone number of an adult accompanying the group on the trip who can help in an emergency during the trip.

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