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 Because one lost child is one too many...

No matter how careful we are, children can wander off,
fall behind, or otherwise find themselves alone and afraid. 

The worry and anguish we feel when we lose track of 
our child for even a moment is immeasurable.

Tottoos.Org creates customized child safety products that are designed to increase the chance for a lost child to be found, and decrease the time you and your child may be separated.  Our safety products are fun to wear and will empower your children in a whole new way. 

Tottoos Temporary Tattoos are perfect for vacations, amusement parks, family outings, school field trips, shopping, and any other situation where a child may accidentally stray from you.

You choose the information that will be printed on your Tottoos products. Please see the
ordering page for more information.

Tottoos.Org strongly believes our products are powerful and practical tools for helping get children quickly to safety in potentially dangerous situations.

  Medical and Special Needs Tottoos also available!



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